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Thanks for visiting my website. To introduce, I’m currently a Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Undergrad at National Institute of Technology, Srinagar. I love to travel, write and meet new people whenever I’m not busy with my college. Fortunately, till now life has given me beautiful memories and life long cherishing friends.

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College & Kashmir

College life at NIT Srinagar has been a very different experience for me or  rather I must say that it is obvious to have a wonderfully unique time here, for me as well as for all of the students who study here. Be it beauty, the people or the rich culture, anyone could fall in love with the Kashmir.

NITSRI was established in 1960 as the Regional Engineering College, Srinagar. It was one of the first eight Regional Engineering Colleges established by GoI during the first Five Year Plan. The institute shifted to its present located in Hazratbal, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India campus in 1965. My graduation will be under the Dr. (Prof) Rajat Gupta, Director 2012-17!

And now talking about Kashmir, I don’t think that would be easy and justified to put those feelings in just words. By-the-way, you can get a slight idea of what does it feels like being in Kashmir here! A photo blog by Sajad Rafeeq, winner of NatGeo Cover Shot 3 and proud Alumnus of NITSRI. And as he says “Life through My Lens”. :)

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School & Benaras

Most cherished moments of my life are the one spent at Central Hindu School-BHU in Benaras! It was for the first time I was away from my parents. This phase taught me a lot about life and value of family & friends. CHS is Asia’s largest and one of the oldest schools founded by Dr.Annie Besent in 1898.

And about Benaras, it is older than recorded history. It is believed that Buddha gave his first sermon here in 528 BC. According to legend Varanasi or Benaras was founded by Lord Shiva! An epicenter of Hinduism and Hindu way of life. Benaras is an epitome of peace, love, brotherhood and most of all it is a symbol of unity in diversity. This video might help you live a moment in Benaras!

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My Blog

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you!     ―     Maya Angelou

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A series of commentaries on educational, political, social, cultural and economic issues, echoing the voices of young middle-class Indians. Completely non-fictional, but sometimes sarcastic and scientific. By Ankit Pandey, cynical optimist.

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❝ Remember! Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. ❞

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